• Improving Health

  • Building understanding and promoting rights

  • Inclusion in Disaster preparedness, response and recovery activities

  • Strengthening family and community ties

  • Making education more inclusive

Center for Disability in Development : CDD.

CDD works in partnership with a network of over 350 organisations both nationally and internationally. Our innovative approach to disability inclusion is now being used as a model in other countries. In 2010, our founding Executive Director, A.H.M. Noman Khan, had the prestigious honour of being awarded the international Ramon Magsaysay Award in recognition of his pioneering leadership and dedication to building a society that is truly inclusive and barrier-free. The Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) is a not for profit organisation established in 1996 to develop a more inclusive society for persons with a disability. It is estimated that 16 million people in Bangladesh are living with a disability, receiving little or no assistance and excluded from mainstream life. CDD's mission is to address this by simultaneously educating the community in how to be more inclusive whilst also enabling persons with a disability to participate in society by providing them with essential supports. In this way persons with disabilities can be given the same rights, freedoms, dignity and quality of life as everyone else.

Assistive Technology and Material Development

Center for Disability in Development (CDD) is one of the pioneers for Braille production with necessary technical expertise in Bangladesh. The production unit, has produced and supplied over two million braille pages to different national, international organisations, Government offices and individuals since 2004. It’s expert team also providing all kind of Braille services like Braille printer repair, Braille business card, Braille training etc in Bangladesh. In 2007 CDD has introduced first computerised Bangla Braille Converter in Bangladesh with the technical support from Ananda Computers. CDD has also worked with world renowned “Duxbury” Braille software to make it compatible with Bijoy Bangla software. From 2016 the unit has started working with National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) for publishing and distribution of primary and secondary book in Bangladesh.

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CDD Training and Learning centre

CDD TLC has excellent and affordable facilities for rent. It has built its facilities with essential accommodation and halls following the universal design guideline to make it accessible for everyone, including persons with all kind of disabilities. Centre for disability in development (CDD) has extended its infrastructure and logistic facilities to share with development partners on a rental basis.

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  • Report : Annual report of CDD 2016. Click View = Reports of CDD .

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Disaster Risk Management, humanitarian action and Climate Change : One of our key focus area. Click VIEW and more information => CLICK .


Centre for Disability in Development : CDD is an organization to providing technical assistance to another organizations working towards integrating disability issues in development programmes. also involved in training, advocacy, network development, monitoring and evaluation. Click View and more information => Click .


Deaf-blindness is a combination of both hearing and vision loss : Persons with deaf-blindness face considerable and multiple challenges in daily life, as a result, they are excluded from participation both within their family environment and in society, CDD raise awareness and understanding of deafblindness and provide support to people and families affected in order to uphold the basic rights and provide a voice to these most marginalized of persons with disabilities. Click View and more information => Click.

Livelihood and Employment

Livelihood opportunity for persons with a disability may change their lives : They are not burden to their family anymore. We need to arrange inclusive trainings for every type of disabilities. The skilled worker is still in demand. most of the disabled people are working in the ready-made garments sectors. Click VIEW and more information => Click .

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