Community Based Rehabilitation

CDD applies the Community Based Rehabilitation Framework (CBR) in conducting its work to ensure that it aligns with internationally-accepted disability standards. CBR is a recognised international disability approach that is being implemented in over 90 countries worldwide to ensure that the benefits of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are delivered to persons with disabilities.  It is a broad multi-sectoral development strategy for the rehabilitation, equalisation of opportunity, poverty reduction and social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

CDD’s programs therefore focus on six key areas where it feels that it can have the most impact on the lives of persons with disabilities, which include the five core areas recommended by the CBR framework which are health, education, livelihood, empowerment and social integration.

Although Awareness is included within the CBR framework within Empowerment, CDD feels that given its important role in overturning negative attitudes to disability and the organisation’s focus of activities in this area, that it should be highlighted as a separate core area.  Awareness is based on CDD’s core expertise in training, information and advocacy and is directed at building inclusion at all levels of community, industry and society.  The other focus areas are based around those proposed by the Community Based Rehabilitation framework and aim to improve inclusion of persons with disabilities in the key mainstream development areas of health, education, livelihood, empowerment and social environments.

Further information on CDD’s main areas of work can be found under Key Focus Areas.